Bristol trade directory 1871 – Boot & Shoe Makers

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Bristol trade directory 1871 - Boot & Shoe Makers

Bristol Boot and Shoe Makers Wholesale

Baulch and Co. Stratton street
Brightman Bros. St. John’s bridge
Coe T. J. 19 King square
Derham Bros. Barton st. St. James’s
Jackson G. 4, 5, 6, Dighton street
Jewell C. 16 Trinity st. College green
Lugg and Co. 77 Castle street
Moss J. 4 Merchant street
Nicholls & Co. Baldwin street
Pettey George, 1 and 2 Nelson street
Smith and Groves, 20 Victoria street
Smith J. and Sons, 9 Castle green
Solomon J. Thomas street
Steadman and ‘Co. John street
Strong Thomas, 33 Milk street
Timewell and Co. Stratton street
Trump Francis, 3 Albert park, Ashley rd
Waterman and Co. Rupert street


Adams A. R. Kingsland road
Adams Thomas R. Summer’s place
Aldridge T. 18 Berkeley place
Alway Alfred, 111 Oxford st, Totterdown
Amos George, 3 Twinnell road
Ash J. 66 Broad quay
Baker Emanuel, 56 Hill street
Baker John, Berkeley place
Bate F. 30 Milk street
Bateman A. 9 Beaumont place
Bateman F. 2 Twinnell road
Batson Thomas, 32 Maryport street
Batson T. 33 Redcliff street
Batt A. 21 Clarence road
Bell A. 9 Oxford street, Totterdown
Beer John, Union street
Betts J. E. 118 Wellesley place
Blackmore Gr. 43 Broad quay
Blannin G. 13 Prince street
Block W. F. Christmas steps
Bolt Thomas, 5 East st. Bedminster
Bowdich Charles, 2 Queen’s road
Bowering B. 14 St Gcorge’s road
Brace A. R. 21 Beaumont street
Bradgate John, 29 Lawrence hill
Bragg J. 9 Upper Arcade
Bragg J. E. 8 Lower Park row
Brentnall Henry, 78 Hotwell road
Brentnall H. 5 St. Michael’s hill
Brightman C. St. Augustine’s parade
Bromley Frederick, 128 Thomas street
Brown Henry J. Hope Chapel hill
Brown James, 3 Upper Montague st
Brown W. 12 North street
Brown William, jun. 14 Clare street
Browning Mrs. J. 22 Phippen street
Bryant T. 4 Bath bridge
Bullce E. 6 St Michael’s hill
Bunce H. E. 1 Bond street
Burnett Thomas, 16 Cumberland st
Burrows John, 34 Broad quay
Cheetham R. East street
Chidgey J. 67 College street
Clarke T. L. 27 High street
Clash R. 11 St. Augustine’s back
Cockram John, 9 Grosvenor road
Cole James, Lawrence hill
Collacott F. 15 Newfoundland street
Collins J. 47 Gloster lane
Cooper Fred. 17 Broadmead
Cottle Henry, 19 Waterloo street
Couch J. 7 Vine row
Couch J. P. 8 Redcliff hill
Counsell Edward, 5 Pennywell road
Cousins Francis, 40 College street
Cowlin William Henry, 62 Castle st
Creese Samuel, 44 Wade street
Crouch Josiah, 5 Upper Culver street
Davey F. 31 Lower Arcade
Davey F. 96 Thomas street
Denman G. 29 Gloster lane
Derrick T. Whitehouse street
Diment William, 23 Cathay
Drake R. 5 Berkeley place
Drew James, 25 Gladstone street
Dutton H. 37 West street
Eastabrook S. 9 Thorne’s buildings
Elliott William, Brandon street
England G. 4 Cumberland place
Escott Henry, 33 East st. Bedminster
Evans Evan, 42 Chancery street
Ford William, 7 Pritchard street
Forsey Charles, King street, Bedminster
Fothergill A. West street
Francis‘Joseph, 6 Water street
Francis E. 17 Canon street
French W. 5 Anglesea buildings
Garbutt George, 29 Beaumont street
Gardner G. Redcliff hill
Gardner William, 7 and 8 Old King st
Garland G. 6 Byron place
Garland T. 5 Barton street
Goodenough B. Triangle, Clifton
Greathead R. Lower Nelson place
Greedy John, 8 Orange st. St. Paul’s
Green E. P. 47 Park street
Grifliths George, 4 Barton street
Grifiiths William, 10 Argyle place
Grimes Henry M. Totterdown
Hanney C. 14 Dove street
Harding Frederick, 25 & 26 Lower Arcade
Harding William, 4 Sion mews, Clifton
Harold J. 41 Beaumont street
Hatch W. 52 Castle street
Hawe —. Brighton place
Hawkins William, 1 Thrissell street
Heale H. 8 East street, Bcdminster
Heaven Jacob, 68 Philip street
Hemmings W. 3 Lower Portland place
Henson John, 14 Woolcott buildings
Herbert —. 16 Wellington place
Higgins ‘William, 9 Callowhill street
Hill John, 41 Gloucester lane
Hill Levi, 13 Broadmead
Hiscox S. 5 Christmas street
Hobbs N. 45 Temple street
Hobbs William, 19 Lawrence hill
Hodge W. H. Perry st, Stapleton road
Holmes S. 95 Redcliif street
Hopkins C. 6 Upper Arcade
Hoskens Charles, Castle green
House James, 6 Terrell street
Howe John, 1 North prde, Stokes croft
Howe John, 36 Castle street
Huckman J . Bell avenue
Hurd William, Prewett street
Hussey John, 9 George st. Bedminster
Husslely R. 52 Phillip street, Bedminster
Iles Henry, Alma villa, Egerton road
Inman F. John street
Irvine C. Castle street
Jackson Charles, 64 Castle street
Jacques E. 16 Clarence road
James H. G. 5 Haberfield crescent
James John, Portland place
James and Son, Castle Mill street
Jefferies William, 6 Clarence road
Joel J. 59 Redcliff street
Johnson W. Bushy park, Totterdown
Jones H. 2 Lamb street, College street
Jones E. 64 Redcliff hill
Joy Samuel, Factory st. St Philip’s
Kirby William, 21 East street, Bedminster
Lacey R. 28 Temple street
Lane John, 34 East street, Bedminster
Latham John, 13 Cumberland street
Lawrence J. Portland place
Lee H. Walker street
Legge W. H. 5 Hotwell road
Lewis George, 15 Bath buildings
Lewis J. B. 29 Horsefair
Light George, 35 Milk street
Lintell James, 6 North Love street
Long T. 19 Broad weir
Lucas E. 60 Redclifi hill
Maggs J. 7 Portland place, Clifton
Maggs Thomas, 4 Grifiin lane
Mansfield Samuel, 25 Redcliff hill
Marks J. 2 Palmerston street
Marshall J. D. 27 Woodwell crescent
Martin Alfred, 26 Redclifi hill
Martin George, 33 Elton place
Martin John, Prince’s place, Clifton
Martin W. J. 51 Redcliff street
Massingham H. 9 Regent street
Maynard Thomas, Griffin lane
Mee James, 76 Redcliff street
McGuire S. 48 Picton street
Middleton Robert, 5 Barrs street
Millard J. 83 Old Market street
Mildon George, 1 Commercial row
Morgan Charles John, 19 Wade street
Morgan Nicholas, 16§ West street
Morrish Joseh, 26 Tower st. Temple
Morris J. 27 St. Augustine’s parade
Mountain S. 41 Old Market street
Murphy James, World’s end
Mutter J. 8 Wellington place, Easton rd.
Mutton E. Wilson avenue
Naish G. N. 78 Stokes Croft
Naish William, 40 Park street
Newbury W. 3 St. George’s road
Nitcott Robert, 21 Oxford place, Baptist mills
Noyes W. 3 Bath parade
Norman James, 27 Union street
Nicholls B. B. 7 Peter street
Nott P. 53 Castle street
Nutt Joseph, 11 Beaumont place
Osborne William, 36 Weare st. Bedminster
Overend W. 6 Earl street
Palmer Charles, 27 Orchard street
Palmer William, 15 Clare street
Parfitt William, 37 College street
Parry Brothers, 15 West street
Parry Edgar, 20 Beaufort place
Parry J. 74 Stokes croft
Parsley J. Rownham place
Parsley W. 23 Hotwell road, South
Pearce Thomas, 84 Redcliff street
Perry James, 8 Wilson street
Phillips H. 17 Hillsbridge parade
Phillips W. J. Waterloo street
Philps George, 15 Beaufort buildings
Pickles Thomas W. 12 St James’s churchyard
Piece Benjamin, 7 Oxford st, Totterdown
Plummer James, 20 Avon st, Temple
Polman Ann, 3 Horsefair
Pope Samuel, 4 Eldon place, Clifton
Porter T. M. 25 Old Market street
Prichard S. 7 Lower St. Michael’s hill
Quick Edmund, 16 Gladstone street
Randall G. Wade street –
Rattenbury R. 2 Dolphin street
Rattonbury R. 4 St Augustine’s parade
Rawle J. 2 Wellington place
Rees M. 4 Old Market street and 8 Lawrence hill
Richards Henry O. 81 Stokes croft
Robins C. 9 and 10 Christmas street
Rodgers S. 21 West street
Rogers D. 5 Commercial row
Rogers H. 4 Old King street
Rogers James, 9 Castle street
Rogers William, 38 Old Market street
Rogers W. Pennywell road
Rosevear Frederick, 38a Marlbro’ street
Rowe Thomas, St James’s back
Rutley Thomas, 28 Winsford street
Sampson Lewis, 15 Penn street
Sampson James, 69 Stokes croft
Sargent W. 2 Kingsdown parade
Seamer J. 4 Christmas steps .
Skinner Charles, 8 Thrissell street
Small T. 6 Broad Weir
Smith Francis, 43 Hotwell road
Smith F. H. 30 Ambrose rd. Clifton Wood
Smith George, Wilder street
Smith J. 9 Clare street
Smith H. 19 Clare street
Smith James & Son, 9 Castle green
Smith J. 16 Horsefair
Smith John, 6 Waterloo street
Smith Thomas, 18 High street
Solomon J. 110 Thomas street
Sydenham J. Leek lane
Sprague T. P. 9 Upper Maudlin street
Stapleton J. Blackboy hill
Steel J. M. Poyntzpool
Stephens S. T. Nelson place
Stokes John, Hotwell road
Strong William, 27 St. Michael’s hill
Sullivan Patrick, 55 Hotwell road
Talbot U. 5 Frogmore street
Taylor T. 34 Lower Arcade
Thomas Elizabeth, 12 Berkeley place
Thompson R. A. Capt. Carey’s lane
Thompson Whitfield, 4 High street
Tristain -—-. 2 Albert place, Horfield
Tudor William, 32 Avon street, Temple
Turner Thomas, Alfred hill
Vincent J. Cumberland place, Hotwells
Watts William, 17 Peter street
Way Joseph, 49 Old Market street
Webber James, 11 Waterloo street
Webber James, Windmill hill
Webber William, 3 Charles street
Webster George, East street, Bedminster
Weetch John, 1 Newton street
Whitcombe John, 45 Edward street
White John, 137 Oxford st, Totterdown
White J. Blackboy hill
White S. 3 Sidney place
Whiting R. G. 4 North parade, Croft
Wicks & Co. 2 Byron place
Winscombe J. Saville place, Clifton
Williams Charles, 43 Stokes croft
Williams G. Jacob’s wells
Woodland William, 22 Somerset street
Woodgate Henry, 6 Milk street
Woolley Frederick, Frog lane
Wright Edward, Harford st. Cathay
Wright S. 19 Castle street
Yabsley John, 10 Lawrence hill

Boot Makers’ Machine Maker

Douglas J. 5 Redcross street

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